Odenis Nunez – From Tenant to Home Buyer

By on May 20, 2014 in Paul McLaughlin

In the last Annual Report published by NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire, which can be found here, Odenis Nunez Morel and her family were featured as a tenant success story.  Their compelling story follows them as they move from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico and finally to their unexpected destination in New Hampshire.  Odenis and her family began renting one of NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire‘s Merrimack Place Apartments near downtown.

That article ends with a quote from Odenis herself, commenting on how her family loves renting from NeighborWorks; “My son doesn’t want to move at all,” she said. “This is the only home he’s ever known. He says ‘why can’t we buy this place?’, but it’s not for sale.”

Though a bit melancholy at the time, now her son isn’t quite as attached to the Merrimack Place Apartment.  That is because Odenis and her family just closed on their first home, and are moving into their very own home this week.

Odenis and Edward sign for their new home, with lawyers and counselors present.
Odenis and Edward sign for their new home, with Attorney Matt Neuman of Absolute Title and Coach Ryan Tufts providing interpretive services.

Odenis and her husband, Edwin, came to the offices of HOMEteam on Elm Street to close on their home, and are now officially home owners.  With the skills they learned though HOMEteam’s educational offerings, and thanks to their coach Ryan Tufts’ Spanish language capabilities, they had the confidence and the ability to navigate the home purchase process and knew where to go for help.  Between her Individual Development Account (IDA) and her New Hampshire Housing’s Home Flex Plus loan, Odenis and her family were able to purchase their little slice of heaven in the form of a small ranch house on the east end of Manchester.

They were overjoyed to get the keys to their home and are excited to begin moving in and start painting. More details to come on this great story as they get more acclimated to home ownership!

New home owners happily display their new set of keys.
New home owners happily display their new set of keys.