We recognize the importance of easy access to home buying and home owning resources, tools, and education for those who are navigating the process. To provide greater access to people, we offer home buyer online courses that cover all homebuying topics for prospective homeowners.  

Our online courses cover topics such as: 

  • The mortgage and lending process 
  • Refinancing a home 
  • Landlord training  
  • Credit score literacy  
  • Financial planning and budgeting for a home 

Everyone’s homeowning experience and journey is different, which is why we are here to help with our online courses that you can focus on when YOU are able to. With HOMEteam’s online courses you can register for the sessions and complete them in your own time when it is best for you and your family.  

Take the home owning process into your own hands with our online courses today! 


When you educate yourself for smart homeownership with Framework, you’ll navigate every step of the process with confidence. The Framework course is affordable too: just $75.

Framework certificates are required for some first mortgage products. Be sure to ask your loan officer if your mortgage financing has an educational requirement and if Framework is the require course.

eHome America

eHomeAmerica’s Official Homebuyer Education Certified Course is used by more than 300 homeownership counseling agencies in more than 48 states and US territories to provide education, counseling and certification. eHome America is an 8-hour online based on the NeighborWorks America’s Realizing the American Dream curriculum and meets the National Industry Standards for homebuyer education. The certificate you receive after completing the 8-hour eHomeAmerica course is accepted by many lenders as proof of Homebuyer Education.
There is a $99 fee to use eHomeAmerica – for a $24 discount, please use coupon code “NWSNH24.”